About MWM

Skip Edwards is the melody man behind Melody Walker Music. As long as he can remember, he has been enamored with music, and in particular dazzling complex melodies that drive vibrant life into music that makes people want to dance.

Skip began taking piano lessons at the ripe age of 5 years old with the gentle encouragement of his mother, who had herself spent a lifetime learning how to play the piano. Skip’s mother brought him up on the classic masterpieces of Bach, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven. Skip embraced the classics and grew passionate about replicating them, taking to performing them in front of his friends and getting them excited about music as well.

As Skip learned more, he began to branch out to other musical instruments – most notably the guitar and various hand drums including congas, djembes, and bongos. Quickly becoming a master of each, Skip found himself starting high school where he became friends with like-minded musicians and participated in his garage band. While the vocals left quite a bit to be desired, many of their peers formed respect for the group for their intricate and intimate musicality.

The band played a number of local shows, including a local battle of the bands, church group fundraisers, and small-time venues. They even made a few recordings of original songs and started their own website. Inevitably, as with many high school bands, the members eventually drifted apart to seek out their own musical paths and the band dissolved.

Untied and on the prowl, Skip went off to college with a passion for music more prevalent than ever. He would wander the college campus with his acoustic guitar belting out renditions of Grateful Dead songs, a band who had found a particular resonance within Skip’s soul. At college he intertwined with hundreds of musicians, but never really found his place with a particular group. Instead he focused on learning and absorbing as much of the musical culture around him as he could. With the rise of electronic music in the early 2000’s, he found interest in using computers to enhance and produce music.

Skip graduated college with an engineering degree and quickly became a part of the industry. His passion for music never died however, and he would spend nights and weekends locked away in his apartment learning, composing, and dreaming. Eventually his burning desire to be a rock star fell to the wayside, and Skip realized he could have a more meaningful impact as a musical teacher. That’s where Skip stands today, and that is the story behind Melody Walker Music, his brain child and means of giving back to the world.