Upgrades To Your Creative Space That Will Get The Juices Flowing

There’s nothing quite like the flow state where as an artist you can just sit down and create uninterrupted for extended periods of time. It’s coveted, fleeting, and it is essential to being a productive artist. One way to encourage the flow state is to have a creative space that has an ambience that is conducive to your focus. Here are some amenities that artists recommend including to help ease you into the flow.

Scented Candles

Light one of these and fill your room with aromatic pleasure. Find a scent that best suits your mood, and have plenty on hand to try out as we all know that moods change. As an added bonus you can watch the flame dance before your eyes as you try to rack your brain for new ideas and inspiration.

Electric Fireplaces

Take those dancing flames one step further by installing an electric fireplace. With a range of flame color options available, you can get lost in the ambience it creates and also benefit from the heat that it puts out. Being cold definitely puts a damper on the creative process. According to BEFR, you can find so many different styles that will be sure to fit your creative space without hurting your budget too bad.


This one takes a bit more effort and responsibility on your part, but the payoff is enormous. There’s nothing quite like watching living animals glide through the water effortlessly as you lose yourself in your thoughts. You can choose all different types of fish to live inside so that you have a nice and diverse blend of colors to look at. Better yet, when you get bored you can even interact with them by dropping some food in the tank.

Potted Plants

Looking to surround yourself with life, but something that requires much less attention? Go for a potted plant or several. Get plants that have leave shapes that put your mind at ease. Some plants, like succulents, take minimal work and will live on for years to come. If you don’t mind a little extra watering there are plenty of indoor plants to choose from. Some give off vibrant aromas that can really soothe your mind when you need it.

Large Photos or Paintings

This one may seem obvious, but having a large photo or painting to look at is one of the greatest tried-and-true ways of losing yourself in your thoughts. Try having a photo from a recent trip enlarged, or just find something you like on the internet. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful piece of artwork, or perhaps you can afford to buy one. In any case, make sure to pick something that soothes you and makes you feel calm. You don’t want something that will make you feel tense and anxious when you are trying to create.

Ultimately how you choose to decorate your creative space is up to you. Maybe you have some ideas that we haven’t thought of, if so we’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading, and happy songwriting.