Top Signs That You’re A Country Music Die-Hard

There are a large number of people out there that love country music and then there is a group of people out there that take their love of this type of music to a whole new level. So exactly how do you tell those that like country music from those that love country music, let’s take a look at a few of the top signs? To help better identify those that are avid lovers of country music.

Can Relate to the Song

The first sign is that you can really relate to the lyrics of the song. There are certain people that when they hear a country music song, can really relate to it as they either have had the events happen or feel the same way.

You Want to get up and Dance

When your favorite song comes on the radio or the jukebox, you can’t help but get up and want to dance. This urge to dance will all but overtake you and lead you to the point that you can’t do anything else. This is something that only a true Country Music fan can relate to and understand.

You know every lyric to your favorite Artist

When you can sing every song to perfection, then you very well may be a fan of country music and more than just like it. There are those fans that know their favorite songs more than the artist does. This is a sign that the person takes their country music seriously.

Your Boots are on display at every opportunity

When you have the chance to show off your cowboy boots, you take the chance and do it as many times as possible to let people know that you are an avid country music fan. Every country music lover has at least two or more sets of boots that they will show off at every chance.

You have a pickup truck in your driveway and you never haul anything

If you have a truck in your driveway and have never even hauled anything then you might just be a country music lover. Even if you don’t have a need for a pickup, you have one in your driveway and keep it clean and show it off as much as you can. This might mean your love of country music is greater than an occasional instance.

All of these are great ways to see if a person does, in fact, love country music or if they are just an occasional listener. The more of these that you can say yes to will mean the better your chances are that you love your music loud and proud. It is okay to let this love show as you are a proud member of the country and you like it that way. Even in a bar, you show your country music love by ordering one of three drinks that just go well with the loud country music.