How To Make Your Music Studio More Comfortable

Music is a form of art. Many people express their emotions through music whether by playing and composing or through words. It takes a lot of inspiration and talent for it to work out at times though. This is because creating art is not just about being inspired and having talent. As important as these qualities are, the working space where you create and develop is also very important. A working space or a studio is not just about where you work. It should be a place where you are comfortable and at home, because creating something new requires a lot of hard work and dedication. So, as a musician, the studio is not just for composing, recordings and writing songs. It is also where you can find peace while working through the process.

How can make certain that you have such an environment? The first think to do would be to make it for yourself at home. Fill it with decor that will be inspiring for you. It could be pictures of your family or anyone who is special to you. You could also fill it up with posters of your favorite musicians or instruments or even concerts. Another idea would be to display quotes or lyrics that are inspiring or have an impact on you and have them framed and positioned in a prominent location. Plants are also a great idea to add a life in your studio. The possibilities are endless when comes to decorations, but remember that this is not just about making it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Rather, it is also about how it makes you feel at home and feel more inspired as you look around.

Another way of making your studio more comfortable is by choosing the right furniture. Like the desk that you work at, for example, is probably not just the same old desk that we see in ordinary offices or home settings. The desks used for music studios are often different. They could be compared more with desks specifically designed for intense computer use. Of course, choose one that fits your style and how you work.

Keep in mind also the types of equipment you use. This should be a necessity for determining what kind of desk and any other furniture you need. Along with a desk, you will need to have a comfortable chair. It would be very helpful to find one that not only can promote good posture for working but also one that is comfortable enough you can rest in for a few minutes whenever you need a break.

Speaking of rest, as a musician, all-nighters are probably not a new concept – especially when inspiration strikes. That is why it can be great to have a resting place in your studio. Mostly, the problem with this is that people often lack space since most studios are not that big. Fortunately, there is a solution for that (at least in BFR’s opinion), and that solution is to buy yourself a futon. A futon can be transformed and used as a bed in case you need a power nap, and after that, it can be folded back and function as a seat, so no need to buy an extra couch for guest artists or fellow band members. 

Inspiration is what most sparks our creativity and that is so true. But how we work on it is what will develop it further.